New Golf Carts

The Precedent series from Club Car is a long-running success that has earned industry accolades and inspired imitation industry wide.

From 360° wrap-around bumpers to ergonomic seats, the personal carts in the Precedent series provide safety, comfort and stability on the course and off. Every detail was created with the golfer in mind – from the Monsoon Top that channels water away from passengers to a spacious bagwell and a redesigned interior with more storage space for personal items.

Precedent i2

Precedent i2

This is the car that set the standard for styling and performance – the most advanced golf car ever built.

Precedent i2 Villager 4

Precedent i2 Villager 4

Enjoy the four-passenger version of the car that set the standard – the most advanced golf car ever built.

Precedent Stretch PTV

Precedent Stretch PTV

Fosters comfort, sociability and conversation — so won’t have to twist and turn to chat with friends or customers.



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Subaru Engine 2

Now Powered by Best-in-Class EFI Engine

Boosts Power. Improves Reliability. Cuts Maintenance Costs. Whether you use your Precedent golf car for golf, neighborhood transportation, hunting, camping or anything else, you’ll want it to have the acceleration, hill-climbing ability and overall power you need. That requires a powerful engine with electronic fuel injection (EFI), something you won’t find in many golf cars.


AlumiCore™ Frame

Your Club Car vehicle is built from the ground up for quality and endurance with our exclusive aircraft grade all-aluminum rust-proof chassis, body and bed. This rustproof, corrosion resistant frame is lightweight and strong and carries a lifetime warranty.

Monsoon Top™ canopy

Occupants will stay dry and comfortable in the heaviest downpour with the Monsoon Top™ canopy, now standard on every Precedent. The canopy’s increased dimensions, combined with a unique built-in drainage system, flow more than three gallons of water per minute, or 14 inches of rain per hour.


SportDrive™ Steering & Suspension

On the golf course or on the street, your Club Car will handle and maneuver like a sports car, thanks to our innovative SportDrive™ Steering & Suspension system. The automobile inspired chassis, steering and front and rear suspension deliver a confident, comfortable ride.

Meet ERIC: Your New Battery Valet

Who's ERIC? The name stands for Efficiency, Reliability, Intelligence and Connectivity. An intelligent algorithm provides the efficiency by modifying the charge cycle depending on the car batteries’ needs, and significantly reducing charging costs. It's the first charger with an operating range of 85 to 270 volts, making it the only true worldwide charger.


Excel™ Electrical System

How do you gain power by slowing down? Our Excel™ Electrical System does just that, with regenerative braking that captures and stores energy during stopping. Just another reason why Club Car delivers the most innovative vehicles in the business.