Visage Golf

Club Car determined long ago that we stand for more than being a golf car supplier for our customers. To become an indispensable partner in their success, Club Car has invested more than any other brand in new products and new technology that make the game more enjoyable for golfers, and help our customers succeed in this highly competitive era. From pioneering the integration of Visage into the golf car to the development of Connected® technology, Club Car continues to develop the solutions that lead to customer success.

This cloud-based system streams information 24/7 about your fleet — from location, condition and diagnostics — all the way to the full suite of Connected features found in Visage. Choose features to  fit your revenue goals. The more you add, the more information you’ll have to make smart decisions that can shave costs, boost your top line and grow your business.

Raise productivity and increase revenue.

Feature-rich with a touch of genius, Visage is much more than a simple GPS. It heightens the golf experience for players while maximizing ROI for your operation.


Manage Assets

Your course and fleet are your greatest assets. Visage protects both by reducing golf car abuse, accidents and theft; at the same time, it’s also looking out for your tees, greens, bunkers and sensitive areas.

Reduce Expenses

With Visage guarding your tees, greens, bunkers and sensitive areas, maintenance and repair costs go down. Mowing crews mow rather than move signage and ropes; superintendents orchestrate workers around golfers. Productivity goes up, overhead goes down.


Increase Revenue

Promote and sell higher-ticket items in the grill and pro shop … speed up pace of play and accommodate more rounds … invite groups to book their next tee times on the 18th hole—and that’s just a taste of how Visage contributes to cash flow.

Deliver Experience

Once they’ve tried Visage, golfers never want to play without it. Aside from the precise yardages and available hole flyovers, golfers value the instant contact with the pro shop and grill, and the high-touch service Visage delivers.

Visage Features

Want to add more functionality to the standard Connected® features already included with your fleet of Precedent i3s? You can add any or all of these packages to help increase revenue, attract and retain customers and market smarter. Each package is available through monthly subscription, to turn on/off based on your season and needs.


Connected Car Control

Includes a number of features that let you manage speed, behavior and access of an entire fleet, a group or a single car, including:

  • • Fleet lockdown (scheduled lock/unlock)
  • • Set vehicle top speed (fleet, group and individual vehicle)
  • • Action zone speed control
  • • Geofence
  • • Anti-tamper
  • • Cart path only

Connected Car Tracking

Includes a number of features that monitor cars, including:

  • • Real-time position of vehicles and equipment
  • • Find car — current or last known location (worldwide)
  • • Vehicle drive history
  • • Pace-of-play tracking
  • • Real-time messaging to and from clubhouse

Golfer Experience

Game enhancement that attracts golfers and keeps them coming back, including:

  • • Dynamic distances to pins and points of interest
  • • Touch screen for distance
  • • Tee shot distance
  • • Order food and beverage

3D Flyovers

A golfer favorite and a must for resort and destination courses whose golfers often don’t know the course.

  • • Audio hole descriptions
  • • Full-motion 3D flyover graphics
  • • Pro’s tips

Tournaments Software

Be the preferred course for every corporate and competitive event.

  • • Tournament management software
  • • Live leader board
  • • Tournament advertising
  • • Tournament pairings