Precedent i3

Engineered into every Precedent i3, Connected® technology includes a suite of cloud-based services that automate maintenance and marketing functions, safeguard your assets and deliver a golfer experience that distinguishes your course from the competition.

Competition for your customer’s recreational dollar has never been fiercer. The operations that thrive in this landscape recognize the importance of differentiating their product, improving efficiencies that lower overhead and protecting their assets.  Club Car makes it easy when you run with a fleet of Precedent i3s with built-in Connected® technology.

Golf Digest Editors’ Choice - Best Golf Car


Precedent i3 received Golf Digest’s 2016 Editors’ Choice Award for Best Golf Car.  While golf operators rank Club Car as the leading brand in technology, this award proves that Club Car is more than just a golf car.

Tailor the Technology to Your Course


The right technology can change the golf industry. Club Car recognized this years ago and became the first major brand to integrate Visage™ Connected® technology into our golf cars. Over the years this solutions platform has been fine-tuned and today can be customized to meet the needs of every course.

Club Car equips every Precedent i3 with standard Connected® technology features like an electronic scorecard that golfers can email to themselves and others; emails that grow your marketing database. GPS Zone messaging can be set to promote pro shop deals, food and beverage sales and more, and triggers automatically when golfers pass through areas you designate. Key vehicle information is also included standard; check current mileage or amp hours, battery status and more on a single car or the entire fleet from the pro shop or a smartphone anywhere.

Want more function? Precedent i3 delivers — Car Tracking, Car Control, Tournament Software, 3D Flyovers and enhanced Golfer Experience let you track every car’s movement Worldwide, create no-go zones to protect greens, tees and bunkers, set cart path-only parameters, broadcast real time leaderboards in every car,  and much more. With this easy and affordable subscription-based system, you can turn on the packages that you and your golfers want at the flip of a switch.  

Standard Features

Your Precedent i3 fleet arrives with standard Connected® features built in, plus the capability to do much, much more.

  • • Battery status indicator and vehicle “on-charge” display
  • • Service notifications — battery level and electrical drive system faults
  • • Odometer (miles and amp hours)
  • • Serial number and model year display • Overview display of each hole with static yardages, handicap and par information
  • • Broadcast one-way messaging such as weather alerts
  • • Sponsorship and advertising display slots
  • • Electronic information holder with players’ names and messaging
  • • Specified number of GPS-enabled pre-set zone messages
  • • Electronic scorecard: Request email or mobile number prior to scoring (1st green) and again at end-of-round
  • • Customer email address capture and reporting

Technology Packages

Customize your fleet from suites of features designed to further protect assets, differentiate your course and grow your business. And enjoy the freedom of controlling everything from your PC or Web-enabled device.

Amenities Packages

Standing out is fundamental to marketing your brand. Club Car® is here to help. With available Amenities Packages, it’s easy and affordable to create a standout car for your course and customer.


Precedent i3's Connectivity™ is a must to attract and keep golfers.

Whether protecting golfers and cars from hazardous areas or sending special greetings and promotions to specific groups on the course, Jeff Diehl has seen how the technology distinguishes his course in the super-competitive Myrtle Beach market.

Five New Molded-in Color Options

Choose 5 great molded-in standard colors including Beige, White, Cashmere (New), Platinum (New), and Green. Or upgrade to one of our premium molded-in colors including Cayenne, Black, Sangria, Mocha (New), and Sapphire (New). For a more automotive look, consider Candy Apple Red, Mocha, Platinum, and Sapphire in Metallic.

New USB Port

A new dual port USB is available for electric models. The new USB port operates on 48 volts, provides full speed charging to essentially all USB-charged devices including tablets, and integrates seamlessly into the Precedent dash. A spring-loaded cover helps to prevent corrosion and other failures caused by cleaning, spills, environmental effects, or other similar events. The new USB port also draws minimal current (<.001 amps) from the battery pack when not being used to charge a device or devices.


Meet E.R.I.C.: Your New Battery Valet

Efficient: With energy costs high and getting higher, reducing consumption is the surest way to control costs.

Reliable: E.R.I.C. is constructed to handle whatever your staff and nature can dish out.

Intelligent: Charger status lights, on-car dash light and audible alerts communicate the car is charging, the state of the charge cycle, battery state of charge and charger faults.

Connected: E.R.I.C is adaptable, updatable and stores data—information that can help you make more informed business decisions.


precedent line drawing
ENGINE Subaru EX40, OHC, 404 cc, single cylinder, air-cooled, splash-lubricated, 19.91 ft-lb (27.0 N-m) rated torque @ 2,400 rpm N/A
CLEARANCE CIRCLE 17' 4" 17' 4"
HORSEPOWER 14.0 hp (10.3 kW) rated @ 3,600 3.3 hp
BATTERIES 12-volt (6) 8-volt, single point watering system
CHARGER N/A 48 VDC 13.5 amp DC high frequency solid state charger
STEERING Self-compensating double reduction
helical rack & pinion
Self-compensating double reduction
helical rack & pinion
FRONT SUSPENSION Independent leaf spring w/dual hydraulic shocks Independent leaf spring w/dual hydraulic shocks
BRAKES Self-adjusting, rear wheel mechanical drum Self-adjusting, rear wheel mechanical drum
PARK BRAKE Foot operated, multi-lock Foot operated, multi-lock
BODY AND FINISH Molded-in color Molded-in color
TIRES 18 x 8.50-8 18 x 8.50-8
LxWxH 91.5 in (232 cm) x 47.25 in (120 cm)
x 68.5 in (174 cm)
91.5 in (232 cm) x 47.25 in (120 cm)
x 68.5 in (174 cm)
WHEELBASE 65.5 in (166.4 cm) 65.5 in (166.4 cm)
GROUND CLEARANCE 4.5 in (11.4 cm) 4.5 in (11.4 cm)
FUEL TANK CAPACITY 4.6 gal (17.4 L) N/A
TREAD–FRONT & REAR 34.5 in/38.5 in (87.6 cm/97.8 cm) 34.5 in/38.5 in (87.6 cm/97.8 cm)

606 lb (274.9 kg)


495 lb (224.5 kg)


FLOOR HEIGHT 12 in (30.5 cm) 12 in (30.5 cm)
FRAME TYPE Ladder-style aluminum box beam Ladder-style aluminum box beam
SPEED RANGE 12-15 mph (19.3-24.1 kph) 7 speed settings: 5-19 mph (8-30.6 kph)
2 acceleration settings: Aggressive or
3 pedal-up braking settings: None, mild and aggressive
Speed fine adjustment in 0.1 mph
(0.16 kph) increments

5-year: Gas engine and transaxle

4-year: Brakes, canopy, electronics, pedal group, seats, suspension

3-year: Bag carrier, body panels, intake/exhaust, started generator

2-year: All remaining components
Limited lifetime: Frame

4-year: Batteries (25,000 amp hours),
canopy, electronics, pedal group, seats, suspension

3-year: Body panels, electric powertrains

2-year: All remaining components

Limited lifetime: Frame