Fleet Golf

From the moment it rolled off the assembly line, Precedent ushered in a new standard for refined style and user experience. Thoughtfully designed with the golfer and operator in mind, the Precedent series — Precedent i3, Precedent i2 and Precedent 4Fun — comprise the industry’s most inspired thinking in golf transportation. Almost ten years after it’s debut, Precedent continues to inspire imitators who, unfortunately for them, still fall far short of its game-changing innovations and legendary build quality.

Precedent i3

Precedent i3

With Connected® technology built-in as a standard feature, Precedent i3 offers customizable functionality and style to elevate any operation.

Precedent i2

Precedent i2

Acknowledged as the game’s premier golf car, Precedent i2 offers the sleek profile, thoughtful ergonomics and dependability of an industry leader.

Precedent 4Fun

Precedent 4Fun

An inspired idea for building business and growing the game, Precedent 4Fun has room for four players, four bags and whole lot of opportunity.

Amenities Packages

Standing out is fundamental to marketing your brand. Club Car® is here to help. With available Amenities Packages, it’s easy and affordable to create a standout car for your course and customer.

Deluxe Package

Available on Precedent 2-passenger vehicles and includes features geared for the golfer. The comfort grip steering wheel, USB port and hinged windshield are standard in the Deluxe Package. You can also pick two of the following options in the Accessories section below excluding the tinted, hinged windshield, alloy wheels and the premium, molded-in colors.


Premium Package

Available on Precedent 2-passenger vehicles and includes all the options found in the Deluxe Package. You also receive a premium molded-in color, a tinted, hinged windshield and your choice of any two additional items in the Accessories section below.



Comfort Grip Steering Wheel


Sand Bucket


Hinged Tinted Windshield


Hinged Windshield


Sand Bottle


Premium Molded-In Colors


Strut-Mounted Sand Bottles


USB Port


Ball and Club Cleaner


Allow Wheels

Premium Two-Tone Seats

For the course that wants a more custom look, Club Car’s premium seats are now offered in three color options: light beige and off-white, camello and light beige or camello and off-white.

Metallic Paint Options

The perfect expression of flash and class, our new metallic paint colors offer a truly distinctive option for courses that want to stand apart from the crowd; a slight upcharge applies for all metallic paints.

Five New Molded-in Color Options

Choose 5 great molded-in standard colors including Beige, White, Cashmere (New), Platinum (New), and Green. Or upgrade to one of our premium molded-in colors including Cayenne, Black, Sangria, Mocha (New), and Sapphire (New). For a more automotive look, consider Candy Apple Red, Mocha, Platinum, and Sapphire in Metallic.

New USB Port

A new dual port USB is available for electric models. The new USB port operates on 48 volts, provides full speed charging to essentially all USB-charged devices including tablets, and integrates seamlessly into the Precedent dash. A spring-loaded cover helps to prevent corrosion and other failures caused by cleaning, spills, environmental effects, or other similar events. The new USB port also draws minimal current (<.001 amps) from the battery pack when not being used to charge a device or devices.

EFI Comes Standard—Club Car Success Story

After years with another manufacturer, Verdict Ridge Golf & Country Club switched to Precedents in 2014. “I watched my fleet being built and that showed me the difference,” said Scott Knox, general manager. “Seeing the care and craftsmanship, we knew the Precedent with EFI was the car for us.” And now? Cold mornings and big hills no longer challenge his fleet. In a word, Scott, how would you describe Precedent’s new 14-horsepower-rated, overhead cam with electronic fuel injection engine? “Go. The operative word is go."


Advanced Charging Has a New Name: E.R.I.C.

Efficient: With energy costs high and getting higher, reducing consumption is the surest way to control costs.

Reliable: E.R.I.C. is constructed to handle whatever your staff and nature can dish out.

Intelligent: Charger status lights, on-car dash light and audible alerts communicate the car is charging, the state of the charge cycle, battery state of charge and charger faults.

Connected: E.R.I.C is adaptable, updatable and stores data—information that can help you make more informed business decisions.

Monsoon Top™ Canopy

Occupants will stay dry and comfortable in the heaviest downpour with the Monsoon Top™ canopy, now standard on every Precedent. The canopy’s increased dimensions, combined with a unique built-in drainage system, flow more than three gallons of water per minute, or 14 inches of rain per hour.


AlumiCore™ Frame

An Aluminum Frame for Longer Life. Most golf cars are still built on steel frames, which can corrode. Club Car golf cars are built on our AlumiCore™ frame. This light frame is rustproof even in salt air, and it’s shaped to be more impact resistant than steel. It preserves the life of your car and enhances its stability, ride and performance.

Excel™ Electrical System

How do you gain power by slowing down? Our Excel™ Electrical System does just that, with regenerative braking that captures and stores energy during stopping. Just another reason why Club Car delivers the most innovative vehicles in the business.


SportDrive™ Steering & Suspension

On the golf course or on the street, your Club Car will handle and maneuver like a sports car, thanks to our innovative SportDrive™ Steering & Suspension system. The automobile-inspired chassis, steering and front and rear suspension deliver a confident, comfortable ride.