Golf Operations

Helping golf operations thrive in this hyper-competitive era drives Club Car® to design and build the most dependable, highest quality, technologically advanced golf cars and light-duty utility vehicles on the planet. With products and services that adapt to your operation’s needs, Club Car is working on all fronts to achieve one goal: To be an indispensable partner in your success.

fleet Golf Cars golf carts

Fleet Golf

With a sleek profile and thoughtful ergonomics, Precedent sets the standard for style and performance.

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Turf Utility

Turf Utility

Club Car’s golf utility vehicles possess both brains and brawn and set the standard for versatility.

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Refreshment Centers Mobile Merchandising

Mobile Merchandising

Let Club Car move more of your high-margin goods aboard our smart food and beverage solutions.

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Golf Solutions

Golf Solutions

Discover profitable interactions with your customers with our exclusive mobile information system and group vehicles.

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Inspired Thinking To Move You Forward.

What’s happening at Club Car® goes way beyond refining our best-in-class golf cars. It’s a revolution, touching every area of our business and driven by our quest to deliver products that enhance your operation and improve profitability.

You’ll see it in Precedent i3, the first car with built-in connectivity as a standard feature, and Visage™, the industry’s first mobile golf information system; a re-imagined Café Express and Precedent 4Fun, big ideas to improve the customer experience and your bottom line; and E.R.I.C., inspired new thinking in what a charging system can do. It’s a new day. And Club Car has risen to the challenge.

Subaru Engine 2

All-New EFI Engine Comes Standard

It’s the total package. Club Car Precedent’s best-in-class overhead cam electronic fuel injection delivers more horsepower, higher efficiency and lower maintenance costs. Marry that to Club Car’s legendary build quality and reliability, plus available Visage™ golfer amenities, and the answer is clear. Only Precedent can drive your operation to greater success. 

Performance: Increased reliability, quieter valve train, reduced vibration, increased horsepower and improved fuel economy.

Value/Warranty: The best warranty in golf means Club Car Precedents with EFI have a better resale value.

Cost of Ownership: Time is really money with the new Precedent EFI. The longer it's in the field, the greater return on your investment because it's lower operational, maintenance and fuel costs accrue year after year, repaying your investment in long-term returns. 

Fuel Economy: Club Car chose the Subaru EX40 EFI engine for its best-in-class power and reliability. Precedent EFI enjoys a 35% power boost over our previous gas engine while using 35% less fuel. 

Why Precedent i3?

It’s about profiting in a Connected™ future. Club Car leads the way with a customizable solutions platform engineered into every Precedent i3. This cloud-based system streams information 24/7 about your fleet—from location, condition and diagnostics all the way to Visage™, our premier suite. Choose features to fit your revenue goals. The more you add, the more information you’ll have to make smart decisions that can shave costs, boost your top line and grow your business.